Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Monica Chrismas Run!

So, this morning I went out and got a ride with Mary Frances, who is a friend on our Team in Training team and I ran the 5k race along with the rest of our team. I got a spiffy new shirt and I finished in 29 minutes, with a 9:30 pace. Not half bad. Yesterday and this morning my IT band was hurting so I was really nervous about having to run 3 miles through pain. However, I had been intensely stretching all week and i guess it paid off. It hurt throughout the entire race, but only very mildly and not enough to affect my speed or anything like that, so this is definately a sucess. Now both my knees are pretty sore and they hurt a bit, but I think by tomorrow they should be healed up, so that is really exciting for me.

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  1. Maayan:

    Congratulations on your effort and commitment. It's very impressive.

    I looked at some of your articles. Even though it sounds like you're quite fit - be careful about ramping up your mileage too quickly. In my opinion already-fit people (bikers, soccer players, basketball players, etc.) are *more* prone to injury when they start running longer distances consistently because they, since they are fit, they figure they can do it. No other activities, however, put the physical stress and pounding on the body that running does. And your body needs to get used to it and adjust.

    Also, when you run on the track, do you always run the same direction? If you don't I'm going to guess your ITBS problems are on the outside, not the inside hip. Is that correct? If you do lots of track running be sure you reverse directions so that you're not creating an imbalance.

    Best of luck!


    P.S.: I found your blog because it is titled the same as mine. :-)