Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today I woke up and as soon as I got out of bed onto my feet, my knees were in pain. I'm not sure why, but all day I have been in moderate pain due to my knees, which hurt when I walk, stand, or move them at all. I went down to the training room and iced them throughout the day. I also took lots of advil which has seemed to help slightly. Because I want to make sure that my body stays functioning, instead of running 8 miles tomorrow on the track, I will do 15 miles on the elliptical trainer, or however much is a challenge for me, we'll see. I plan on buying some really good running shoes either tomorrow or monday, so that when my knees feel better I can go back out on the track.


  1. Wow, keep up the hard work Maayan! Great job!

  2. you have more heart then anyone that i know and i know you will reach your goal, keep fighting ^_^.