Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why I Run

My name is Maayan Gordon and I am a college freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. This past year, an amazing boy named Ezra Sherman who I knew from my guide dog puppy group (Guide Puppies of Seattle) passed away very shortly after being diagnosed with Leukemia. I was deeply saddened by such a great loss and I felt the grief of our entire community at his passing. I remember his memorial service as being one of the most difficult days of my life as I witnessed the intense pain of hundreds of people in our community whose lives Ezra had touched. For a long time, this grief made me feel helpless and depressed. But recently, I met and became friends with someone who had Leukemia for 4 years and against the odds, beat it. A stronger person I have never met, and I am very proud to be a friend and teammate of Tasha Serna-Gallegos. She has helped inspire me to run the LA Marathon to raise money for cancer research. One of the things that I hate most in life is running. It is painful, long, and tedious, but what Tasha did by beating cancer makes running a marathon seem like eating my favorite dessert.


  1. This is a really amazing that you are doing to further the research on cancer. I wish you the best of luck and just remember to never quit no matter how hard it gets. xDDD

  2. Hi Maayan,

    Leukemia is definitely sad, but people like you bring hope and awareness to people like me who do not know or are unfamiliar with Leukemia. I actually did have a friend who HAD cancer (I'm not sure if it was Leukemia) but she was able to beat it as well. So there is definitely hope, and who have cancer need all the good Vibes they can get.

    * I would not last in a Marathon.